Happy Tail Bandana


It's all in the details, and if your pet carries a scarf, believe us - it will be as much fun for you as for the passers-by! Your pet is always "the life of the party"? People simply adore him / her because of great character and manners? It's time to reward him/her with one of the most fashionable details ! Happy Tail Bandana handmade beads come in three different sizes, you can pick the color and the shades yourself. Your pet will love it and so will you!
Material 1Material 1Material 10Material 10Material 11Material 11Material 12Material 12Material 13Material 13Material 14Material 14Material 15Material 15Material 16Material 16Material 17Material 17Material 2Material 2Material 3Material 3Material 4Material 4Material 5Material 5Material 6Material 6Material 7Material 7Material 8Material 8Material 9Material 9

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Material 1, Material 10, Material 11, Material 12, Material 13, Material 14, Material 15, Material 16, Material 17, Material 2, Material 3, Material 4, Material 5, Material 6, Material 7, Material 8, Material 9


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